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Poolish Pre-Ferment in Words and Pictures

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From what I have read, poolish is a French term for Polish, in honor of the Polish bakers who introduced the process to the French. This could be an urban legend for all I know.

This poolish recipe calls for a mixture of equal parts water and flour plus a little yeast. The purpose of using a poolish, like using a biga, is to have a portion of the bread dough that has already undergone some of the fermentation, it is a pre-ferment. In other words, it is a portion of the fermentation that has preceeded the making of the main dough. My expereience is that a poolish activates quicker than does a biga, but runs out of steam quicker, too.


Ingred Ounces Grams
Bread Flour 10 285
Water 10 285
Dry Yeast 1/4 tsp 1


How you do them is up to you.

Here we go:

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Poolish French pre-ferment ingredients. Poolish French pre-ferment weighing water. Poolish French pre-ferment weighing flour. Poolish French pre-ferment mixing. Poolish French pre-ferment after 2 minutes mixing. Poolish French pre-ferment close-up.
Poolish French pre-ferment after developing for 30 minutes. Poolish French pre-ferment after 30 more minutes. Valid XHTML 1.0 Strictl
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