Altamura Artisanal Artisan Italian Bread finished loaf.

Artisan Bread Recipes in Words and Pictures

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These are links to recipes for making many different breads, from pre-ferments, such as biga and poolish, to rolls and enriched breads. In each recipe you'll find a discussion of what the bread is, a tested recipe, a discussion of the method used to make the bread and pictures of me actually making the bread.

My goal is to give you a clear and detailed description of how to make each bread so you will be able to duplicate what I've done. I've marked a few breads as being especially easy for either beginners or children.

If you have a problem with a bread, check out the Troubleshooting section

Artisan Bread -- A typical artisan or rustic bread as has been made for many years in Italy.

Altamura Bread -- The signature bread from southern Italy.

Artichoke-Shaped Bread -- A decorative bread made with two different doughs and modeled on an artichoke.

Baps - Scottish Rolls -- Lovely small soft rolls from Scotland. Easy.

Bialys -- Small onion rolls, an alternative to bagels. Easy.

Biga -- A firm pre-ferment from Italy.

Brioche au Fromage -- Cheese brioche from La Havre, France.

Christopsomo -- Greek Christmas bread.

Ciabatta -- The new-old Italian slipper bread from Lake Como.

English Muffins -- Classic breakfast muffins. Easy.

Farm-Style White -- Typical white bread with a few surpises.

Focaccia -- Focaccia with herbs.

Classic French Bread -- A no-fail recipe for the classic baguette of France.

Classic Italian -- The traditional boule from rural Italy.

Kugelhupf -- A festive enriched bread from the Alsace region.

Pistolets - French rolls - -Small crusty French rolls.

Pita - - Mediterranean pocket breads. Easy -- Watch them puff up!

Pogne de Romans -- A marvelous French bread that's almost a cake.

Poolish -- The classic French pre-ferment.

Portuguese Corn Bread -- A delicious corn and white loaf. Easy

Pugliese -- A traditional Italian bread.

Light seeded rye -- A delicious light rye.

Sfilatino - Galli -- The original version of the Italian baguette -- very wet dough.

Sfilatino - Modified -- The Italian baguette tamed a bit.

Soft rolls a la 1928 -- Soft rolls from a 1928 baking book. Easy.

Sourdough -- My version of a sourdough bread.

Tsoureki -- Greek Easter bread.

Wet - 85% hydration -- A very wet bread.